Road Trip Roundup

Over 4,500 miles and 17 states later we traveled a third of the country, from DC to New England to the Gulf and over to the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. Crossing the country by car was a lot of fun, sure there’s a lot of empty space but there’s also something to be said about small town America and meeting people outside of your everyday life. A few thoughts from the trip below, and links to all the places we visited.

With all the miles traveled I still don’t know what weigh stations are, not that they’re ever open. If you drive yourself to Baton Rouge you’ll find gas at $2.05 a gallon, but you’ll hear a lot of Jonas Brothers for your troubles, Sucker was the most overplayed song on the radio, followed by our girl Taylor Swift. To absolutely no one’s surprise the worst traffic we encountered was driving in and out of DC, and through Manhattan. I-95 is the worst. Carry cash for the toll booths as not all take credit card, we learned that the hard way and are $135 poorer for it. Touring the north was definitely more relaxing than the south, don’t @ me, it’s just how it was. Google and Yelp are not always your friend, don’t rely on either of them for business hours - the smaller the town gets the less likely they’ll be open as advertised, pick up the phone and call, you’ll meet someone new - everyone is so proud and enthusiastic about where they’re from, you’ll end up talking for hours.

Click on the images below for a recap of the places visited.